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About Me


Lisa Watson

Certified Integrative Energetic Medicine Practitioner

I am a graduate of the WhiteWinds Institute of Integrative Energetic Medicine in metro Atlanta.  My approach to healing is to help my clients see possibility, potential, hope, and healing, and to support them on their journey toward their healthiest, and most vibrant selves. 

My path to practicing energy healing began when I was going through a difficult time physically, emotionally, and mentally.  It wasn't until I began seeing an energy medicine practitioner that things began to shift for me and I was able to start the healing process that I needed.


Have you said to yourself any of the following?

-I cannot seem to get better

-There always seems to be an injury I am dealing with

-I am dissatisfied with my life

-I know that there is something more out there for me, but I don't know what it is.

-I find it hard to get motivated to do anything

-Why do I find myself in unhealthy relationships?

-I feel stuck


What if life doesn't have to be like that?

Energy medicine can help you...

-Sleep better

-Make more heart-centered decisions

-Be more energized to move forward

-Recognize unhealthy situations and have the foresight to avoid them, or the strength to get out of them

-Embody a more positive outlook on life and more passion to your days

-Be more creative, expressive, and able to give and recieve love

-Reduce negative thought pattens, beliefs, and attitudes so they don't manifest themselves in your body as pain or illness

-Prepare for, and reduce pain after surgery

-See yourself with more acceptance and love

Energy Healing, also known as Biofield Therapy


Holistic Healing

You Can Get Better

You Can Get Better

Our bodies are quite adept at repairing themselves. We just need to find out the root of what is causing the problem in order to give our bodies the best shot at self healing.  Unresolved emotions can be a significant part of what might be holding you back.


You Can Get Better

You Can Get Better

You Can Get Better

Our thoughts, experiences, attitudes and emotions are stored in the energy fields in and around our bodies and have a significant impact on our mental, emotional, and physical health.  Pain, injury, emotional trauma, and stress are often a result of imbalances in this field.


Energy Medicine

You Can Get Better

Energy Medicine

What if there was something that could help you find a way through life's challenges and hurtful memories and help with your physical or emotional pain?  There is a way.  You already know that you need change in your life or you wouldn't be here.  Energy healing is a non-invasive, gentle, and caring way to help yourself embody lasting change.