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Your Healing Journey Begins Here

 Your healing journey begins with the understanding that in order to be your best self, you must explore the root causes of your physical or emotional pain and discomfort. Having a healer who can help you find ways to restore your health, hope, and wellbeing is pivotal to this journey. Through conversation, emotional support, exploration, and awareness of your energy, you will learn how to become mindful of, and listen to, the healing messages of your body. 


  The consultation session is the first step toward your healing journey. During this 90-minute session, we will discuss your goals for healing.  I will go over energy healing principles, conduct a full assessment of your energetic field, discuss what program is best for you, and perform a 60-minute energy healing session. $195.

One Hour Session

We will begin to open up opportunities for healing and restoration in this energetic healing session. $135

Discovery Package

Three, 60-minute healing sessions. The first step in opening your body and mind to the awakening power and benefits of energy work. You will become aware of the challenges, hurdles, and suffering, often reflected in your body, which may be holding you back from living your best, most fulfilling life. This package allows your energy to begin to unwind and is designed to set you on your path to physical and emotional healing, awareness, and potential.

3 sessions: $345 ($115 each) – Sessions must be completed within two months

Insight Package

The beginning of consistent and continual energy work, the ongoing restoration of your energy opens up your body and mind to healthy flow and works to release those areas of energetic stagnation that keep you from reaching your highest potential. It is with repeated energy work that your body begins to desire transition. You begin to become equipped with the ability to change destructive patterns and see when you fall back into unproductive habits and thoughts, seeing transformation, possibility, and hope instead. 

5 sessions: $500 ($100 each) – Sessions must be completed within five months

Evolution Package (Best Value)

This is for the client who wishes to see ongoing awareness and continual restoration and balance of energetic flow. Lasting change require consistent and dedicated work in order to realize your full potential and embrace life-renewing transformation. 

Bonus: this package also includes a free session for a friend or family member, a $135 value.

7 sessions: $665 ($95 each) – Sessions must be completed within seven months 


Revitalization Package (for ongoing clients only)

Each monthly session will focus on whatever your needs are at the time. This is a wonderful way to sustain your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, and keep healthy energetic flow going. This helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle and emotional state and helps you continually see potential and possibilities in your life and not obstacles and setbacks. It is your wellness plan.

10 sessions: $850 ($85 each) – Sessions must be completed within 10 months

*Energetic healing should not be a substitute for appropriate medical treatment

Please give at least 24-hours’ notice for any cancellations or rescheduling. Failing to do so may result in a charge of $50. It is difficult to fill your appointment with such short notice and by failing to give adequate notification you prevent another person from receiving a healing session who may need it. 

Thank you for understanding, and respecting, our policy.

More Packages Coming Soon!

We will add programs on an ongoing basis.  Stay tuned!

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